Don't Leave It, The Body Casts Must Be Treated

The cast is used as a fixation tool for fractures that occur in the legs, hands or other body parts. The purpose of using a cast is to protect and stabilize the anatomical structure of a broken bone. When you have to use a cast, there are ways to treat it so that the cast can still function properly and the broken part of the bone remains safe and recovers quickly. Understanding the type and function of the cast you use will help you treat the cast in order to achieve optimal healing. In addition, doctors will also usually provide medication for broken bones to support healing. Difference Between Fiberglass Casts and Plaster Casts In general, casts are divided into two types, namely fiberglass and plaster. Each has its own advantages. The advantages of casts made of fiberglass are: Casts from this material dry faster. When the cast is finished, you can immediately use it. Fiberglass is lighter because it is made of fiber This type of cast is more durable. Enables better air
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